Monday, November 21, 2011

Do it with Style

The leading vice amongst the staff is excessive promiscuity.

As vices go this isn't all that much of a worry for me. Except for the minor irritation of enforcing the rule of no "friends" in the living quarters.

The only other associated problem is that excessively promiscuous staff very quickly "go through" much of the town, thus swiftly reaching their use-by date.

For certain staff, once they are at the point where very few of the clientele are trying to seduce them, their work performance drops off. And so there is the problem of firing/hiring.

Most of the excessively promiscuous staff are rather unhappy at the social contempt that accrues to them as a result of lifestyle.

If he can get to them early enough, Mine Host informs them (if they are prone to listening) that most of negative fallout resulting from excessively promiscuous behaviour is due to not going about it with style.

That were they follow the example of ladies who are products of English Public Schools, they won't be having these problems. For they can get away with doing just about anything, provided they do it with style.

This usually gives them something to ponder. Most of them are quite tickled at the thought of being viewed as "stylish", rather than as "town bike".

Occassionally one of them actually manages to carry it off with style, and dare I go that far, sometimes even with panache.

Usual behaviour: Discuss over the bar, publicly, in coarse detail, who will be doing what to whom. Do it in the manner of a coarse XXX film script.
Stylish behaviour: Actually discuss this sort of stuff discreetly, in private.
Usual behaviour: Leaning forward over the barbeque in the backyard with tonight's one-night stand behind you, hoist skirt up to the armpits and right there under the spotlight remain passive while one-night stand collects payment for the dozen or more vodkas he has bought you. (repeat each night with a new one-night stand).
All this under the spotlights, without a thought that the rest of the staff may be still up, silently drinking on the verandah & able to see everything.
Stylish behaviour: Mysteriously disappearing, without being obviously in the company of anybody. Reappearing in the same manner, with dignity intact.

It isn't really all that difficult. Yet so few of them manage to make even the first step toward "stylish behaviour".


richard mcenroe said...

"The only other associated problem is that excessively promiscuous staff very quickly "go through" much of the town, thus swiftly reaching their use-by date."

It's one thing if they can do that in Whereareya, NT; it's another if they can do that in Manhattan.

Boy on a bike said...

I know girls who left Adelaide due to this problem.

Adelaide! That's most of the state!

Steve at the Pub said...

Hehe, Richard, some of them'd give it a pretty fair try!

BOAB, that's a pretty fair effort, I take my hat off to her.

kae said...


BoaB said girls!

WV: docalan
Was he the pox doctor?

Steve at the Pub said...

Boab knows such girls eh? The explanation should be a corker! (Might be a bit of fast talking coming up!