Monday, November 28, 2011

Your Blessing is Requested!

"The Splintered Shingle" were a musical duo (Rusty & Jenna) who played the Wayside Tavern from time to time. Rusty was a big, lean, rawboned type, Jenna a petite & worldly blonde.

.... In the middle of a song, one of the patrons staggers forward to speak with Rusty. This often happens, someone will ask one or the other muso do they know this or that song, or somesuch.

This request is different:

"Mate, is it okay if I root your missus?" The bloke doesn't even seem all that drunk. He'd have to be though, or suicidal, to rile up such a rough looking bloke as Rusty, who'd be three times his size.

The look on Rusty's face was priceless.

His instinct is to reflexively drop this feller with a straight right.

Rusty stares down at all the gear around him, looks back up at the... er.. hopeful suitor, looks back down, you can practically see what he is thinking: "This is a $2,000 guitar I've got strapped to me, I can't just throw it down & belt this joker into next week...."

While Rusty ponders his dilemma, the hopeful suitor loses interest in the deal & wanders away, disappearing into the crowd.

For the remainder of the night, in the break between each set, Rusty runs a thoughtful & very careful eye over the crowd.

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Boy on a bike said...

Not really relevant, but what I always think of when I hear stories of guitars and belting things.