Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Misson Creep

The council health inspector attends the Wayside Tavern for an "inspect & certify" of the kitchen.

Usually a routine event, this year it has a new dimension. The health inspector is a new one, a recent graduate in his forties.

He looks like a forty year old uni student too. Scruffy hair, nose ring, slighly offbeat manner, etc.

He has a lot to say about "sustainable kitchen management", and has far too much to say about our "use of plastics" in the kitchen (mainly tupperware containers & glad wrap).

It gets to the point where Mine Host, through slitted eyes, wishes the hippy would skip the greenpeace lecture and just get on with looking for cockroach infestations or whatever it is he is supposed to do.

Finally the hippy/sermoniser tears off the white copy (or is it the pink copy) of his inspection sheet and hands it over.

The inspection is finished.

His job is to inspect for defects & the like. He exhibited little to no interest in that (ie, his job).
He degree of interest in the "sustainability"(?) of our kitchen management, and in our use of plastics, was a most unhealthy one.

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