Sunday, November 20, 2011

They'll Fight Each Other (if nobody else steps up)

Reasonably quiet night in the pub. Only a few New Zealanders in the bar. Maoris all. Not much else happening anywhere else in the building.

Ooops... spoke too soon. There seems to be some sort of bad blood among the Maoris.

Oh no.... they're from two different tribes. Someone is carrying on about how high-born their mob is. This is not well received by the other mob.

The mood feels nasty. The younger blokes are starting to hiss & clench fists. This could be really really really violent.

A quiet chat to a couple of the older (grey haired) blokes. They don't want any trouble, they just came down with their respective clans for a few cold ones. They nod to each other & then use their clout as elders to silently order their mobs to stop it. A quiet lecture is given about how they are not there for this.

The one who started banging on about how high-born he is gets taken aside by his elders & advised that he should go home. He complies.

As a courtesy the elder fellows are given a couple of drinks on the house.

There is no need for this, as they all among some of the highest paid workers in the nation. Which is why they have all left New Zealand & come to beyond the black stump.

Phew! That was close. Anybody who has seen serious Maori on Maori violence will know what I mean.

Anybody else can get an inkling of what I may have been in for by watching "Once Were Warriors"


RebeccaH said...

Welcome back to blogging.

Steve at the Pub said...

Thanks Rebecca. I didn't actually go anywhere. Just had a bit of trouble backing up the archives.
I was still writing. Most posts are written a month or so in advance, pre-scheduled, then on the due date they appear online.

This is why I sometimes aren't around to respond to comments in a timely fashion!

kae said...

Once Were Warriors.

I hated that movie, and loved it. It made me think, and wonder at how low a group of people could sink.

Then I wondered about culture.