Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some you just Can't Please

A travelling couple have their evening meal at the Wayside Tavern.
They complain about everything. But especially about the price.

$7.50 for a square meal (with steak!) was the price at the time. A very good deal.

They whine to the kitchen staff about every aspect of their meal, the time it took to prepare, the quality of the staff (that went down a treat with the kitchen brigade) the quality of the cutlery, and of course the price.

Apparently where they came from, at the Dumbville RSL club, one could get 10 times the meal for a much lower price, blah blah blah.

She was a slatternly looking slug, he a sour visaged grump. One could easily believe they had chosen to excise all joy from their lives.

Their parting comment was that the unhappy dining experience at the Wayside Tavern had "tarnished" their round-Australia trip!

Just how bitterly they felt became apparent over the next few months, as a series of postcards arrived from various places on their journey.
These postcards raved about the low prices, good service, & great range of goods on offer in every town they visited north and west of the black stump. Unfavourable comparisons were drawn between every pub/newsagent/supermarket and the Wayside Tavern.

When they returned home they even sent a postcard from Dumbville. It had a photo of their church, the message stated that they were praying for a rapid bankruptcy for the Wayside Tavern, which they maintained shouldn't be far off, given the poor quality of the staff, the overpriced meals, etc etc.

They were praying for some good person to take over, so that other travellers would not have their life ruined by experiencing the horrid meals & dreadful service I was providing.


missred said...

i have a funny feeling their rage was their demise.. just saying

JeffS said...

Some people are not happy unless they can make people miserable. There are many such people at my office, and I have to wonder if I live in Dumbville.

Steve at the Pub said...

We all live there Jeff. Or so it seems at times!