Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Knock their Teeth Out

Mine Host recently detected & dealt with a severe breach of etiquette which occurred within the walls of the Wayside Tavern.

A representative of another establishment in town, the "Tosspot Cricket Club" (hesitate to use the word "rival" establishment) .... entered into the Wayside Tavern & spoke to one of Mine Host's staff, offering her a job at their cesspit bloodhouse.

There are very few things which cause Mine Host's blood to boil properly. Poaching staff directly from someone else is close to as low as one can go. The only thing which saved this lady (for it was a female) was that she ran out the door as soon as she saw Mine Host approaching bearing a look of thunder!

She is unlikely to be back, & the Tosspot Cricket Club can rot in hell, *scoundrels*

There are certain rules in this world, & direct poaching of staff is justifiable grounds for flattening someone... & flattening them properly!