Saturday, July 22, 2006

Look what your fence done to me!

Erection of a fence between the neighbors and the Wayside Tavern has stalled.

Only 30 metres of an eventual 60 metres has been erected. Two metres high of chain link mesh topped by 3 strands of barbed wire looks incongruous standing alone, sort of like a remainder/reminder piece of the Berlin wall.

As evidence that the power of thought is a stranger to many of the clientele, one fellow stated this morning that last night he had climbed the fence to get into the Wayside Tavern. (This is akin to clambering over a restaurant table to get to the other side - rather than going around it)

The fellow had clambered over in the dark, then drank in the Wayside Tavern for several hours.
As further proof (not required) that thought processes are slow, when he started to climb the fence he had on his person an emptied cigarette packet, containing $350. When he clambered down the inside of the fence & stood up, he no longer had this cigarette packet. However he did not recall/notice this loss until the following day.

Which brings Mine Host to recounting the purpose of this fellow's visit this morning to the Wayside Tavern:

He was demanding a "refund" from Mine Host of the $350 which had fallen from his pocket as he climbed our fence in the dark.

From his demeanour, and the way he scoured the ground by a particular part of the fence, Mine Host believes the loss of $350 to be authentic.

Also authentic is the belief of the bereft one that it is Mine Host's responsibility to "make good" the loss.

He blithely asked for the "refund" in a manner which suggested he was demanding the return of an overdue item (say a leather jacket) loaned by him to Mine Host.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Author as a Child

Not as easy as it looks!