Monday, August 01, 2016

Rapid Response

One of the chambermaids was molested inside a guest room as she was performing daily room servicing duties.

The molester was not the person checked into the room, rather a passing opportunist, who afterward proceeded to the public bar & commenced drinking.

The girl reported the incident to the Head Housekeeper, (words have meanings, "molest" does not mean "rape") Mine Host was consulted, the matter was deemed "police-worthy".

In the pub trade one must very carefully weigh up any matter before calling the police.  (The police are not the friend of the law abiding citizen)

Mine Host called Triple-Zero.

The police are never far away in a small town.  They are Two blocks from the Wayside Tavern.

The police took 55 minutes to arrive.

The culprit was by then very much finished his drinking, and had long gone.  Perhaps the police will identify him, or even catch him one of these days.

Mine Host cannot help but wonder how it came to pass that a 30-man police station in a small town took 55 minutes, in broad daylight, to attend the molesting of a young woman, when the offender was lurking nearby juicily lounging around waiting to be arrested.