Tuesday, July 13, 2010

But can he Go a bit?

A recruiting agent (well known to Mine Host) telephoned in response to Mine Host's online job advert for a Bar Manager. The recruiter had "just the person" for the job, blah blah blah. (In Australia's tight labour market everybody has a job, recruiters have nothing to sell, job advertisments will likely attract desperate and speculative employment agencies in greater numbers than actual candidates.)

Mine Host cut in with "Can the candidate fight?"
Overlooking this speed bump, the agent rattled on regardless.
Mine Host continually interjected; "But can he fight?"
After a few rebuffs to queries about this key qualification, Mine Host cut into the agent's spiel:
"Let me put it this way, if he takes the job and can't fight, we'll soon know as he'll GET HIS RUDDY BLOCK KNOCKED OFF!!!"
This caused the agent to pause.
Before then launching into a series of attempts to neutralise this requirement by trying to tongue-twist Mine Host into contradicting this request, culminating in a most naive statement: "I'm not sure it is legal to start hitting your customers" (note: it is not illegal to do so)
This sort of talk may work in a courtroom where all that has to be done is fool a magistrate or judge.
In the more pragmatic school of bare knuckles, fancy talking alas, will never trump a straight right.
Sick of this urger telling him his most unsuitable pansy candidate could fight, Mine Host brought the conversation quickly to a head by asking the agent would he be willing to enter a legal agreement to indemnify Mine Host from any costs incurred in the event the candidate was hospitalised by customers within the first week. ie, full medical & hospital costs. (Should be a safe bet, being as how the candidate can fight & all?)
The telephone call ended quickly.