Sunday, June 18, 2006

The "after work" crowd

A routine unique to urban dwellers & others who live close enough to a pub to make daily visits, is what is known as "after work" drinkers.

Upon completion of their day of toil, they repair to the pub with workmates to relax over a few drinks and to have a good time in a convivial atmosphere.

These drinkers are by no means a homogenous genre. They fall into two distinct groups:

Those who labour.
Those who don't.

The worker who works with his body (eg, pushing a lawnmower on the council) is "stuffed" after a day at work, and wants nothing more than to sit down, drink cold beer, and relax. He gets exercise aplenty at work, and wants only to rest.

This worker will sit quietly in the pub downing several cold beers and is a pleasure to serve.

The worker who does not use his body at work (eg, an office johnny) is ready to rip. He gets no exercise at work, and now wants to let off the energy he is not allowed to release during the day. His off duty pursuits will tend towards the physically active, gym or running or something.

His pub habits will tend toward the boisterous. This worker is just looking for some way to act up. Dealing with him is never the honest pleasure which comes from serving the physical labourer.