Sunday, October 03, 2010

Watch your Tongue !!!

With a workforce that historically has been One-Third native Australian, Mine Host is one of the larger scale employers of (what are currently called) indigenous people.

Surrounded as he is by Government Departments, Mine Host is often amused by the dynamics of public servants pretending to not notice race, whilst knowingly or unknowingly getting themselves into a twist over pandering to perceived racial sensitivities.

This is a phenomenon that exists only in the public service, academia, & other places where tangible results for work done are not important.

The administation manager of the Wayside Tavern was indigenous. On a particular day this Administration Manager received a telephone call from the local department head of a Federal Government Department.

At some point in the conversation the Department Head suddnely realised who was on the other end of the line, & in a mixture of anger & bitterness spat into the phone:
"You're that Black Bastard that's in charge there, you've always been a problem!"

Realising what they had said, a frantic & desperate Department Head arrived a few minutes later, anxious to apologise, appease, or anything to have the matter swept under the carpet.

Well accustomed to racialism, & being called this & worse on an almost daily basis as just being part of the job, the admin manager went through the motions of having a cup of tea & a scone with the frantic Department Head, after which an assurance was made that the matter was "already forgotten".

Oops! Important error in the above. The racial identities are back to front. It was an indigenous black department head calling a white anglo-saxon a "white something beginning with "C")
But the essence of the story isn't changed, is it?