Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Opening Fire in Public

Mine Host does not advocate murder, or the shooting down of people just because you don't like something about them.  Likewise he recognises that moral justification is not a valid defence for murder.

One sees many circumstances where nobody actually goes ahead and shoots someone who really deserves it, or who has really asked for it.

Thus one of these days Mine Host will be shocked, but not surprised, to learn that a normal citizen has cracked under the strain and shot a handful of policemen.
This will happen at the moment a citizen has spent 12 hours in a freeway traffic jam, without any information on when the jam may clear, or when police may allow the citizenry to use the road, or to pass, all because there's been a traffic accident and the coppers are showing no concern whatsoever for keeping traffic flowing.

Were Mine Host on the jury, in a case where someone is charged with blazing away and dropping the nearest half-dozen sunglasses wearing grim faced coppers, after having spent 10 hours held up at the scene of a bog-standard prang - well let's just say the prosecution would need to have a far stronger case than usual before Mine Host would return a guilty verdict.

Even if he had to keep the other Eleven people there for 3 months to get them to see sense.