Tuesday, June 26, 2007

62 tyres?

As a lad Mine Host was taught that "real" road trains had 62 tyres on the ground.

Some time back, a basic instinct for numbers told him (without counting) that road trains stopping out the front of the Wayside Cantina were sporting more than 62 tyres. (country boys will all have known this)

Confess now, who else knew there was more than 62 tyres on this road train without counting?

As an aside: The truckies of a certain country beat their chests over a comparitively schoolgirlie "18 wheels" (less than a quarter of a REAL truck). AND they drive on sealed roads. On top of that, they carry cattle in alumunium crates, which shows just HOW easy they have it over there. There is a very good reason one doesn't see aluminium cattle trucks in Oz.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

weak mind = no resistance to the bug

At midnight on the 31st of December 1999 all computers were going to shut off, flights would crash, dams would open sluice gates, electricity grids would close down, TV stations would be off the air, & so on and so forth.......

Mine Host got no further with the "millenium bug" than reading newspaper predictions of impending doomsday.

However, in an event that qualifies for "better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth & prove it" a multi-national corporation wrote to Mine Host on the matter of the "millenium bug".

This firm, whose name may or may not have been spelled backwards as "larob" wrote a letter which was more amusing than anything a newspaper saw fit to print!

To this day the letter is filed carefully in Mine Host's office.

Apparently "larob" at some point had put some blokes up at the Wayside Tavern for a few nights, as the letter was addressed to "all suppliers".

The letter demanded the Wayside Tavern "provide details" backed up by "proof" of the steps taken to combat the "millenium bug".

There was a threat in the letter: Larob henceforth would only be dealing with suppliers whose systems were Y2K compliant.

The letter (though carefully preserved) has since languished without reply.

Mine Host has little time for those whose grounding in reality is so deficient that they come out with stuff like this.

Corporations conduct their affairs with an air of gravitas and suits are not as prone as the bogan to rash & stupid statements? It would seem not.

One of these days "lorab" will be back to book some blokes in (choices are limited here).
That will be fun. They've put it in writing that they won't deal with me, ever. Some suit is going to have to eat quite a helping of crow, and eat it in writing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Mine Host has always been tickled by the sight of a Perodua "putt-putting" along in traffic.

Remniscent of a Breadbox with Lawnmower wheels!

They look so FUNNY!