Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going Right? Turn Left! (of course)

Riding in a taxi in Melbourne, Mine Host was puzzled and surprised when instead of taking a right-hand turn, the cabby pulled over to the left, more or less still in the middle of the intersection.

"er... wasn't this supposed to be a RIGHT turn?" queried Mine Host.

The cabby gave a strange look as if to say "That's right, and just WHAT does it look like I am doing?"

Surreptitiously eyeing off the door handle, Mine Host wondered if he wasn't being set up for a mugging, or kidnapping, or heaven knows what.

Just then the lights changed, and the cabby simultaneously floored it & turned hard to the right.

As we shot up the intended street, the cabby (in response to Mine Host's weird look) said:

"You not come-a from Mela-born, rite? That-sa how to make the rite turn some place inna Mela-born"

For the rest of the journey Mine Host contemplated the outcome if an out-of-towner were to be spotted by the police making a normal right hand turn at that intersection.


Anonymous said...

It's called the hook turn Steve. My missus will drive 5km out of her way rather than execute one. They're OK if there's only a couple of cars lined up to do one. Still in Melbourne, 10.30 Sunday night? If so, I'll buy you a jar at O'Brien's at Southgate. -- Slatts

Anonymous said...

Ha! Police actually doing their job in Melbourne. Oh, that's a good one, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Slatts: Thank you very much for the kind offer.
I accept, but will be (or was) unable to make it as I was in Qld on Sunday night.
Due to the identity concealing shuffled geography & chronology of my posts, this incident was not posted by me at the time it occurred.
It will be my pleasure to take you up on it when I am next in your neck of the woods.

Reply to Anonymous: Is it reasonable for me to assume, that as an otherwise law abiding and productive citizen, if I was to inadvertantly make a harmless but illegal turn, I could then expect Victorian Police to display a razor sharp response time, an arrest followed by a lengthy "booking in" process, into the bin for a most uncomfortable and undignified "cooling off", finishing with diligent and carefully prepared manpower-heavy prosecution in which a robust penalty was sought for my "crime"?