Saturday, August 25, 2007


The business next door has no big trees, & thus no outdoor shade.

A worker from their office next door took to parking under a big shady tree on Mine Host's back lawn. While not really caring, Mine Host was shocked at the audacity of someone, without asking, just parking day after day on their neighbor's lawn.

Not wishing to fall out with the neighbors over such a minor matter, Mine Host began to occupy himself with cooking up a strategy to remove her without confrontation.

Wickedly, Mine Host got up early & turned on a powerful sprinkler, thus drenching that part of the lawn with simulated heavy rain.

........ She wound her windows up & parked under the umbrella of the sprinkler anyway. (Office workers generally leave their car during the day with the windows wound down)

Having failed to anticipate such a tenacious foe, Mine Host became serious in his plotting.

At 2am he started a heavy duty sprinkler on the well watered uphill (well, slightly uphill) slope, turning the hollow where she parked into a puddle.

The area turned to mud, however she parked there anyway, her tyres carving a 3-inch deep trench into Mine Host's lawn.

However she was unable to exit her car, as doing so would have necessitated putting her feet into the mud & slop.

So she reversed out again, carving another pair of trenches into Mine Host's lawn.

Coincidentally the problem was solved the following day, when she resigned, as she was finding it too strenuous to be working "every day".

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