Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wait Your Turn Mate

Scene: Hospital waiting room
(What used to be called "Casualty", now thanks to lots of people being unable to separate real life from what happens on a TV screen, it is known by some inappropriate american term, "emergency" or somesuch)

Time: After midnight.
Cast: Mine Host, injured relative, another injured young male person (he looks like a Ringer).

Injured relative: (noticing that another injured person is clutching his arm & is grimacing in pain.) "What'd y'do to your arm mate?"

Ringer: "Pretty sure it's busted, fell off a horse" (his hat is tucked under his arm)


Injured relative: "Mate, it's after midnight, what're y'doing riding horses at this time of night?"

Ringer: "I wasn't. I've been sitting here since 5 o'clock this afternoon. It happened while we were yarding up earlier today."

Conclusion: Qld health service needs to bring back Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen. The health system actually worked when he was in charge of the state.

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Skeeter said...

In the early post-Joh years, my GP accurately predicted the demise of the Qld health system.
According to the GP, a gardener had just been promoted to head the health bureaucracy.
GP had nothing against gardeners, but he was convinced that a doctor would do a better job of running the hospitals.