Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Olympic Career Ruined!

Not the first young woman to unwittingly make a poor decision that would affect the rest of her life;

With "one shot - at 150 yds", my Aunt, by posing thus in 1950, stopped both this rabbit and her chances of making the olympic swimming team.

The careful observer will have noticed two things:

1/. Aunty is using the same Brno that I am holding in the previous post. Somewhere in the intervening 40 years dad has fitted a telescopic sight, and I'm using a 10-round magazine, whereas Aunty is using a 5-round flush fitting magazine. (She's a far better shot than I)

2/. Lady rabbit shooters wore far more fashionable shoes in 1950 than they do today!

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JeffS said...

Yay! Babes and guns!